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SimD v0.8 is Available!

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Dear All,

I just wanted to let you know that SimD v0.8 is now available for Download at http://code.google.com/p/simd-cxx/downloads/list

Among other things, the new releases include:


- New Iterators and std::vector api for reading samples. (WARNING:

When using std::vector beware of topics containing strings, at least

up to the point when we won't have updated the IDL compiler to map

IDL string to std::string)


- Automatic start-up of the ospl service. In essence you don't need

any more do do "ospl start" before running SimD applications


- Public types are now belonging to the "dds" namespace. Earlier

version where mixin a bit of "dds" and "DDS", where the latter was

coming straight from OpenSplice


- Refactored listeners to provide a more compact and simple

syntax. Each DDS entity now has associated a set of event types and

connecting a "listener" to and event is done by calling a method

such as entity.connect<on_data_available>(slot); See the Ping demo

for an example.







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