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Christopher Thompson

No BuiltinTopicData

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I'm trying to listen to the BuiltinTopicData messages but cannot get any data.  The following code works with RTI, but I get nothing with Opensplice.  Any ideas?

// One of 4 builtin topic listeners (one for each Participant, Publication, Subscription, Topic)
class topicTopicListener_t : public dds::sub::NoOpDataReaderListener<dds::topic::TopicBuiltinTopicData>
	topicTopicListener_t ();

	/// \brief Handle data available
	/// \param dr_ DataReader containing data
	void on_data_available (dds::sub::DataReader<dds::topic::TopicBuiltinTopicData> &dr_) override;

// Helper function to get the existing DataReader for the builtin topics and
// connect the listener to the on_data_available callback function
template <class T>
void connectBuiltinListener (dds::domain::DomainParticipant const &dp_,
			     string const &name_,
			     dds::sub::NoOpDataReaderListener<T> *listener_)
	dds::sub::Subscriber builtinSubscriber = dds::sub::builtin_subscriber (dp_);
	vector<DataReader<T>> readersVector;

		       back_insert_iterator<vector<DataReader<T>>>> (
			       back_inserter<vector<DataReader<T>>> (readersVector));

	DataReader<T> dr = readersVector[0];

	dr.listener (listener_, dds::core::status::StatusMask::data_available ());
// Function that creates the listeners and initiates the connection
void builtinTopicListener_t::run ()
		connectBuiltinListener<ParticipantBuiltinTopicData> (
			m_d->dp,"DCPSParticipant", new participantTopicListener_t (this));
		connectBuiltinListener<PublicationBuiltinTopicData> (
			m_d->dp, "DCPSPublication", new publicationTopicListener_t (this));
		connectBuiltinListener<SubscriptionBuiltinTopicData> (
			m_d->dp, "DCPSSubscription", new subscriptionTopicListener_t (this));
		connectBuiltinListener<TopicBuiltinTopicData> (
			m_d->dp, "DCPSTopic", new topicTopicListener_t (this));
	catch (dds::core::Exception const &e_)
		cerr << "ERROR: Exception: " << e_.what () << endl;


I'm using the Community edition v6.7.  My firewall is disabled.

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