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Corba and Opensplice

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I'm new in OpenSplice, I had some problems compiling the version 6.4 for linux x86 in a CentOS 5.11 virtual machine with ACE 6.4.3 and TAO 2.4.3 for CORBA.

To fix it I removed "-si S.i -ci C.i" in setup/makefiles/orbdeps.mak for DDS_ACE_TAO_5_6_6 config.

I run make and I got a infinite loop. To "solve" this issue I commented line content "-include $(DEPENDENCIES)" in src/api/dcps/ccpp/makefile.mak so it could be compiled.

Following this topic

I understood that is possible to use sacp libraries (standalone) together a corba component. So I tested using the HelloWorld example, but I got lots of errors related to redefinitions when I include DDSEntityManager.h in my corba implementation file. So has somebody a example to it? Or do I need to use corba cohabitation?


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