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Running Example Hello World

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I am trying to run the hello world example application. I have set the OSPL_HOME, OSPL_URI, OSPL_TMP_PATH etc. I am running the 6.7 community edition of the software. I also verified the URI has SingleProcess set to true " <SingleProcess>true</SingleProcess>" in the xml  file. 

I get the following error when I try to run the pub or the sub

Error in DDS::DomainParticipantFactory::create_participant: Creation failed: invalid handle
Here is the contents of the ospl-error.log file 
Context     : DDS::DomainParticipantFactory::create_participant
Date        : Mon Sep 10 14:28:50 PDT 2018
Node        : dingo
Process     : sacpp_helloworld_sub <26242>
Thread      : main thread 7fbe6b4f8740
Internals   : DomainParticipantFactory.cpp/273/6.7.180404OSS/de8c6f4/de8c6f4/-1
Report      : Failure to open the domain, domain id = 2147483647 and URI="<NULL>" The most common cause of this error is that OpenSpliceDDS is not running (when using shared memory mode). Please make sure to start OpenSplice before creating a DomainParticipant.
Internals   : u_participantNew/u_participant.c/232/773/1536614930.531459915
Report      : os_sharedMemoryAttach failed for domainId (0) and domainName (The default Domain)
Internals   : user::u_domain::u_domainOpen/u_domain.c/1384/773/1536614930.531476677
Any suggestions.

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