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How to detect DDSi2 service has not started?

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Hi everyone,

I am using OpenSplice community edition with C# API.
In the DDS configuration file, I am forcing OpenSplice to use interface

    <DDSI2Service name="ddsi2">

If I disable the NIC assigned to and start OpenSplice, the error log indicates that the service did not find the interface and terminates:      


1525782292.932995/      main: does not match an available interface
1525782292.934040/      main: No network interface selected
1525782292.935084/    (anon): Finis.

However, in Opensplice, there is no indication that the service is not running, e.g. I can call CreateParticipant().
Or publish data by calling DDS.IDataWriter().Write() always returns Ok.

Is there a programmatic way to dectect that the service is not running?

Many thanks,

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