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DDS-based VPN not sending data

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I am trying to set a VPN where there are two machines running DDS implementations in each side. However, although everything seems to be fine at the network layer (both machines can ping each other with the VPN IP addresses) I see no topics been matched, and therefore if I try to transfer information from one machine to the other nothign happnes. If I try to run the two pieces of code locally, they work and topics are interchanged with no issues at all.

I believe that it could be related to DDS requiring multicasting (or the lack of), but I have tried to add multicast at both machines (ip route add dev tun0 first, route add dev tun0 afterwards) but still nothing happens.

I have Ubuntu 14.04 as the operating system in both machines. OpenSpliceDDS implementation running is V6.4.14.

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