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F. Eveilleau

Troubles to run DDS OpenSplice with .NET Core

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I would like to run DDS OpenSplice (https://github.com/ADLINK-IST/opensplice/) with .NET Core instead of .NET Framework.

I have created a Visual Studio project from scratch, targeting .NET Core 2.0, added the source files related to the HelloWorld example (https://github.com/ADLINK-IST/opensplice/tree/master/examples/dcps/HelloWorld/cs/src) and referenced the library dcpssacsAssembly.dll shipped in the OpenSplice package.

The compilation is doing fine.

The release directory belonging to the publisher of the HelloWorld example contains the following files:
dcpssacs.netmodule & dcpssacsAssembly.dll
ddsapihelper.dll & ddsapihelper.pdb

In a command shell I set up the environment variables needed for OpenSplice by executing a script named "release.bat".

Finally I try to run the command "dotnet HelloWorldPub.dll" but the following error pops up:
Unhanded Exception: System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly 'dcpssacs.netmodule'. The module cannot be loaded because only single file assemblies are supported. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8013101E) at HelloWorldDataPublisher.HelloWorldDataPublisher.Main(String[] args)

Any idea what is going on? Thanks in advance for your help.

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