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a trouble when using waitForConditions method of Waiset class

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I'm a new user of opensplice DDS...i'm working with Vortex Opensplice HDE Release 6.8.2.

i'm developing a Python script to write/read data to/from Vortex Opensplice Tester.

To read the samples, I'm using waitForConditions() method of WaitSet class. This method needs two parameters a collection of conditions to be satisfied and a timeout...the problem i'm facing with this method is that it's always generating the timeout exception without any consideration for the defined conditions.

when  i activate the commented line in the code,  i can read my data. (with commenting waitForConditions() line)Test_bis.py

hereafter, a piece of code i'm testing :

topic = osplscript.dds.findTopic(MyClass.topic_name)

rd =osplscript.dds.Reader(topic)

selector = rd.newSelectBuilder().withAlive().withNotRead().withNew()\

.content('Car.temp = self.temp  and Car.Hum=self.hum')\


ws=osplscript.dds.WaitSet( )

#ws.attachCondition(selector.condition()) ==> this works fine solely,  without waitForConditions()

    timeout_duration = osplscript.qos.Duration(2,0)
    topic_sample = selector.take()
except osplscript.dds.TimeoutException as timeout_exception
    print timeout_exception.message



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