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Emmanuel Prunet

Not being notified of own publications

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Here is my scenario : I have two publisher and subscriber on a topic for two distinct machines. Both publish and subscribe some content.

Is there a way for my local machine to ignore publication being emitted myself? Or should I create two partitions "Local to Remote" and "Remote to Local" for their DataReader/DataWriter ?


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If you are sure not to use local to local transport , you could change XML file to set "EnableMulticastLoopback"= false


Or you can use filter to filter topic content , if there is a variable to recognize machine , like topic key .

But this method still cost  DDS transport & discovery resources .


        <Description>Stand-alone 'single-process' deployment and standard DDSI networking.</Description>
        <Service name="ddsi2">
        <Service name="durability">
        <Service name="cmsoap">
    <DDSI2Service name="ddsi2">
            <!-- see the release notes and/or the OpenSplice configurator on DDSI interoperability -->
            <!-- the following one is necessary only for TwinOaks CoreDX DDS compatibility -->
            <!-- <ExplicitlyPublishQosSetToDefault>true</ExplicitlyPublishQosSetToDefault> -->
    <DurabilityService name="durability">
            <WaitForAttachment maxWaitCount="100">
            <NameSpace name="defaultNamespace">
            <Policy alignee="Initial" aligner="true" durability="Durable" nameSpace="defaultNamespace"/>
    <TunerService name="cmsoap">


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