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Mapping a partition to a channel

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I would like some help modifying my ospl.xml file to essentially associated a partition name with a specific channel. In essence, I need to add a new network channel (i.e. multicast address) to the ospl.xml file. This new channel would be dedicated for specific types of topics. I was planning to publish those specific topics via a unique partition name (for example: "session.group01"). When I publishing a topic using this partition name, it would be published through the  new channel I added. 

Can someone provide an example ospl.xml that illustrates how to do that. I read the "OpenSplice_Deployment.pdf" document but I still don't know what needs to be done. 

BTW: I also attached the ospl.xml files that I'm currently using. 




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Hi ,

Try the attachment .

Below xml code block is part of the xml file .

You can change Address "broadcast" to address your want. 

And change DCPSPartitionTopic to your qos partition name and topic name , which is separated with 1 dot .

For examples : 

If you use Opensplice HelloWorld example , you should change xml file to 

<PartitionMapping DCPSPartitionTopic="HelloWorld example.HelloWorldData_Msg" NetworkPartition="networkPartition"/>

Type command "osplconf" to help you modify xml file .

           <GlobalPartition Address="broadcast"/>
               <NetworkPartition Address="broadcast" Name="networkPartition"/>
               <PartitionMapping DCPSPartitionTopic="PartitionName.TopicName" NetworkPartition="networkPartition"/>


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Hi Guy,

I think you're confusing 2 concepts: network-channels (that relate to a range of transport-priorities) and network-partitions (that relate to a set of logical DDS-partitions).

In your case it seems like you're looking for 'network-partitions' rather than 'network-channels'.

Currently both 'mapping' features (i.e. mapping of logical QoS's such as TRANSPORT_PRIORITY and/or PARTITION to physical constructs such as network-channels and network-partitions) are part of our 'extended' DDSI2E service thats currently not part of our community edition. Note however that these are purely non-functional optimizations so even without those, functionally you should be 'fine' when 'just' using logical DDS-partitions to 'group' your topics and their connectivity.

The good news is that DDSI2E and its mapping features will become available soon when we are going to opensource our full product under the Eclipse foundation (working title: Eclipse Cyclone).

In the mean-time you could try-out our commercially supported version to see if it suits your needs via our website (see opensplice download).




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