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automatic update rate based on available bandwidth

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I've noticed that when there's not enough bandwidth available for the samples that I'm sending (over a highly variable, low speed WAN) the subscriber starts to receive updates far slower than real time, up to five or ten seconds behind. I'm sending small updates at a high frequency and I'm guessing that the OS is queuing up the packets and since the payloads are small a great number of them can get queued up. I'm sending best effort so eventually packets will be get dropped but I'd really like to find a way to stay as close as possible to real time by automatically reducing the update rate when the time it takes for a sample to be received goes above some small threshold. It seems like something like this could be possible if the DataReader were to occasionally report the delta between a timestamp on a sample it gets and the current time. The DataWriter could then cut automatically cut back on its publication rate until near real time updates are received by the subscriber. I looked through the QoS settings and documentation but I couldn't find anything that looked like it would automatically adjust update rates. Is there anything built into OpenSplice to do this or is this something that's generally dealt with at the application level?

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