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Binding jython and c++

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I am developping an application with Opensplice and I would like to test it with jython.

Everything is ok for the installation and so on.


But I got a problem when sending data in jython and receiving it in c++. The data is received twice. If i send data in c++, data is received only once.

I find a solution by filtering the data received depending on its state, read or not_read but I would like to understand this behaviour.


I'm working on RedHat, Opensplice version 6+ and share memory architecture. Using listener for the datareader.


Does anyone have an idea about the behaviour ?



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Hi ,


I don't know DDS jython, but maybe you can check your C++ code. 


There are 2 possible things .


P1 : You use read method without filter.


After you use read method to get sample , the sample is still saved in the cache and change state to DDS_READ_SAMPLE_STATE .


Something bad code like below :

    int ret = reader.read (sample , no filter);
    if (ret > 0 )
        printf( "%s\n", sample.msg)
    sleep(1 sec)

You will print sample.msg every time.


So change to use filter will not happen .

Or change to use take method , this will remove sample from cache 



P2 : Did you check valid_data flag in sample info ?


After the writer  write out  a sample , the DDS middleware on reader side will tag the sample with

1. DDS_NOT_READ_SAMPLE_STATE , because you have not read / taken it

2. DDS_NEW_VIEW_STATE, because this instance is first time sent to you .

3. DDS_ALIVE_INSTANCE_STATE, because the writer , which produced this instance,  still alive or no one dispose instance . 


After you read it , the state is changed to DDS_READ_SAMPLE_STATE .

(If you read again with state filter DDS_NOT_READ_SAMPLE_STATE , you will return nothing )


And now , if your writer is killed or dispose the instance . 

The sample state on reader side will change to 

1. DDS_READ_SAMPLE_STATE , because you have read it once.

2. DDS_NOT_NEW_VIEW_STATE, because you have seen it .



And this is important , the DDS_DATA_AVAILABLE_STATUS is triggered , because the DDS_ALIVE_INSTANCE_STATE is changed .

Even there is nothing sent to reader side .


But the sample info will tag it "valid_data=false" to imply "this is not real data ."


So , if you read sample without any state filter , and you don't check valid_data flag 


You will seem to see "you received twice sample" , but actually the second is invalid sample , because this is triggered by state change .

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