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Emmanuel Prunet

Multitopic in isocpp2

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I'm new at Opensplice DDS and I was wondering if there was any way to create a listener of a Topic corresponding to a join ( like in SQL) of multiple Topics.

From what I saw Multitopics are the solution but they don't seems to be implemented in Opensplice DDS

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Hi Emmanuel,


You're right in that MultiTopics are indeed targeting that functionality and also in your observation that this functionality isn't supported yet (actually by none of the current DDS-vendors).

The reason behind not having implemented this (yet) is that there are still gaps in the semantics in case of incomplete information in 2 situations:

(1) when should you first get a joined-set (i.e. only when its complete w.r.t. availability of all the attributes from all topics that you're interested in

(2) when should you last get updates on a joined-set (i.e. up to the point where at least one of the attributes has reached the end of its lifecycle e.g. is part of a disposed instance)


That said, its not rocket-science to do such a joint on application-level (as we ARE following a relational model isn't it) .. and apply some basic semantics for the above ..


We're still looking at some good (business-)cases that would justify investment in that piece of missing spec-coverage so perhaps you can contribute yours :)

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Hi Hans and thank you for your quick response. I'll explain why we need MultiTopic.


We have a conceptual model where we have a lot of inheritance, to simplify let's say we have :

A( k , a ) 

B( b )

C( c )

where k is primary key and B and C inherits from A. In our case B and C are exclusive , but at runtime a B can become a C and a C can become a B but A can't exist by itself.


From this conceptual model we can create topics like this :


1) A( k , a , b  , c ) => not acceptable in our case because it will allocate too much memory


2) A( k , a ) , B( k , b ) , C( k , c ) => this solution seemed to be the best for us, but a lot of issues arise : When do we notify a new B exists? That's why we need a multitopic that joins A and B and notify a new instance exists only if this instance exist in A and B. But even if I implement myself a multitopic, since we have a lot of inheritance, I'll have a multitopic on ( A , B ) , a multitopic on ( A , C ), and a lot more of multitopics that needs to observe A, meaning that I'll have a LOT of readers on A (and also a lot of readers on B and C because in our case they are inherited themselves by D,E, F etc...). Is that efficient to have this much readers on the same topic? Do they share the same cache? Is there a way to have multiple listeners on the same reader?

Another issues is this : what if an instance of B arrives but the corresponding instance of A never arrives? Is there a way in DDS to say "I'm going to write an instance on A and B but the readers needs to receive A and B or none" (sounds like a transaction in SQL). Also is there a way to say "I'm going to write A and B and the readers will receive A THEN B in that order" ?


3) B( k, a, b )  , C( k , a , c ) => this solution is more simpler because when we receive notification from B and C we know that A already exists ( A is in B and C ), so there is no need of multitopics. But when B become a C, we must destroy an instance of B and create one of C, and that's not exactly what we want, solution 2) is more flexible for that. Also, we want to listen to A B and C individually, in solution 3) we must listen to B and C to listen to A.


The solution i'm thinking about is mixing 2) and 3) : creating a topic for B (k, a, b )  and C(k, a, c) for instanciation and deletion of B and C, and topics A( k , a ) , B( k , b ) , C( k , c ) for updates of A B and C.

Do your IDLParser supports Unions? A single Topic for  B( k, a, b )  and C( k, a, c) would be great ( BC ( k , a , { b , c } ) ) , because I will not destroy a A to create a C from a B.

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Yes, our IDLParser(s) do support unions. What languages do you envision ?


I'll start some discussions internally on the above and see what we could do to help in the short-term as proper multi-topic support isn't on the horizon yet.

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