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How to receive only not read samples once

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I was inspecting durability example with persistent storage enabled and found that late-joined subscriber receives previously posted (saved to the persistent storage) samples each time it runs. It frustrates me because according data state we have to receive only not read samples:

        dds::sub::status::DataState ds;
        ds  << dds::sub::status::SampleState::not_read()
            << dds::sub::status::ViewState::new_view()
            << dds::sub::status::InstanceState::any();

My steps:

  1. cd $OSPL_HOME/examples/dcps/Durability/isocpp
  2. Run ./publisher persistent false false and wait 10 seconds before exit to make sure that data is stored in the persistent storage
  3. Run ./subscriber persistent false false

So, what data state I have to use to receive not read sample only once?

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I think it's because every time I run publisher then DDS considers that it is a new node appeared and sends historical data to him? Am I right that DDS can't distinguish data readers (nodes)? Or it is possible to assign some kind of name/id to the data reader to make it known to DDS?

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