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What if I want to forward topic sample to the cloud (MQTT)?

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Let's assume that we want to listen DDS messages and forward some of them to the cloud (Amazon IoT). For now I have N data readers for N topics I am interested in. Is it possible to serialize topic sample to string by some way? I know that it is possible to use Google Protobuf in place of OMG IDL. Will it allow to easily convert C data structure to standardized  protobuf string for later transmitting over the network? Thanks.

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OpenSplice indeed allows to specify (extensible) data-structures with Google Protobuf instead of IDL and that included the ability to extract the protobuf 'blob' (rather than individual attributes) at you reader-side whereafter you could send that blob to the cloud using any technology and then 'digest' using the appropriate protobuf definition (the same that was used at the writer where it was 'wrapped' into a DDS-topic for efficient sharing in the 'DDS-domain').


Note that besides Vortex OpenSplice we also have products (Vortex Fog and Vortex Cloud, see http://www.prismtech.com/vortex ) that allow to transparently (and securely) 'extend' the DDS 'backbone' from a LAN to any private/public cloud (realized by a combination of dynamic-discovery over the WAN and selective routing of data for which there is remote interest from the UDP/multicast-LAN to the typically  TCP/SSL based WAN).


Hope this helps,


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