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wishes and dreams (aka "i want a unicorn')

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I wish, the idlpp would generate a set of serialization routines that I could use in application code.



std::string to_JSON (  IdlStruct S );

IdlStruct S from_JSON ( std::string );


std::string to_XML ( idlStruct S);

idlStruct S from_XML ( std::string)


// and maybe some 'c' callable ones as well !!


Or maybe the solution is for me to parse the idl file myself and make this.  Something that would be quite handy at times.



--bud davis




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HI Bud,


As is well-known, unicorns do exist. The problem is finding fully grown ones, it is only the baby ones that are quite common.


In other words:

- does it really have to be C++ or is C good enough?

- what are your performance requirements?

- how much effort are you willing to put into it?

- what licensing schemes are acceptable?


There is a C library named "corto" on github that does all this. The generic type handling in https://github.com/prismtech/opensplice-tools can convert between something resembling C99 designated initializers and the in-memory representation of the IDL-to-C mapping — and so all the tricks needed to do this are in there even if it does require hooking up the right parsers. Then there is my proof-of-concept Haskell binding (https://github.com/prismtech/haskell-dds), if you're really looking for a proper unicorn :)


The second and third are definitely limited to the C representation, I'm not sure about the first. One way to deal with that is to have a multi-language program that does the conversion between C and C++ representations via DDS.


Best regards,


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Interesting.  I have seen this project on github before, even tried to compile it, but did not go any farther.

Time to give it a closer look.



Bud Davis

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