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Interoperability between Standard API and Stream API

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Hi, I'm using Opensplice 6.7.1. on x86_64 ubuntu 14.04.


In my program, sample size is about 256 bytes. and I found that 'Stream API' improves throughput in small sample size.


and some prismtech engineer told me Interoperability between standard API and stream API is guaranteed.


but when I ran stream throughput example publisher and dcps throughput example subscriber, I couldn't receive anything. IDL was same on both examples.


Is there any configuration for interoperability? or Is it impossible?


have a nice day.

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With respect to interoperability and streams: (as the streams-documentation explains,) OpenSplice-Streams is a utility-API built on-top of DDS so it doesn't compromise interoperability as its DDS/DDSI that ensures interoperability. What the streams-API does is create 'under the hood' a 'utility-topic' which is a sequence of the type of the original topic and with that can function as a 'container' for batched samples. On the receiving side that 'container' (batch) is unpacked and delivered as individual samples of the original type. So if you'd want to interoperate with a DDS-vendor that doesn't provide the streams-API, all that is needed is to share the generated IDL (container-type) and anybody can read the batches (, even without a 'direct' streams-API).

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