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isocpp QosProvider Constructor

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I have taken the HelloWorld example and changed the line, in the implementation.cpp publisher function, that created the DomainParticipant to:

dds::domain::DomainParticipant dp(org::opensplice::domain::default_id(), dds::core::QosProvider(file://path/to/opsl.xml).participant_qos())


I'm getting the error

ERROR: Exception: dds::core::UnsupportedError : Function not currently support at .......QosProvider.hpp:38 inorg::opensplice::core::QosProvider(const string&)

  Preceding Opensplice Error Information : Not available DDS::RETCODE_NO_DATA


The function is documented in the opensplice ISOCPP API.


I am aiming to specify the

  • DDS Domain to use in the QoS file
  • Load the QoS file, as above
  • I'd later like to add more settings to the file, but I'm not there yet.

Am I doing something stupid, because from what I've read I can't work out what I've done wrong?

(Appologies, for typos as I have had to copy this from another machine)

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