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Compiling .idl file to get the generated classes

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Hello Everyone,


I am trying to compile an .idl file created in order to generate the Java classes that I am going to use for a Publish/Subscribe component. Everything is ok with the .idl file (named HelloWorldData), both syntax and location of the compiler and the .idl file (or at least, that´s what it seems). The command that I am using is: 


/.../OpenSplice/V6.4.14/HDE/x86.linux/bin/idlpp –f /home/phd/CompatibilityOSPLNBPrj/idl/HelloWorldData.idl –l java
But I get an error message that says: 
/.../OpenSplice/V6.4.14/HDE/x86.linux/bin/idlpp: error while loading shared libraries: libddshts.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
What is what I am missing here? Should I include the libddshts.so library? I am sorry if my questions are too simple, I just do not know how to do this.


I am using Ubuntu LTS 12.04 as the operating system. Java version is 8.


Kind regards.

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Hello, it´s me again. I have notice that I had not source the release.com file as expleined in http://forums.opensplice.org/index.php?/topic/1591-idl-export-error/. Now that I have done it, I seem not to be applying the right commands, since I obtain as follows:


Command: /.../OpenSplice/V6.4.14/HDE/x86.linux/bin/idlpp –I /.../OpenSplice/V6.4.14/HDE/x86.linux/etc/idl -l java /.../CompatibilityOSPLNBPrj/idl/hello.idl




Usage: /.../OpenSplice/V6.4.14/HDE/x86.linux/bin/idlpp [-c preprocessor-path] [-b ORB-template-path]
       [-n <include-suffix>] [-I path] [-D macro[=definition]] [-S | -C] 
       [-l (c | c++ | cpp | isocpp | isoc++ | cs | java)] [-j [old]:<new>] [-d directory] [-i] 
       [-P dll_macro_name[,<h-file>]] [-o (dds-types | custom-psm | no-equality)] <filename>
Shall I include all the other information? 

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