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How to run OpenSpliceDDS HelloWorld (Java) example in Eclipse

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Dear all,


I am trying to run the Java examples that are included in the examples folder of OpenSpliceDDS in Eclipse, as it is the IDE that I am most used to. Specifically, I am trying to run the HelloWorld example. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do so because the four classes included are unable to recognize the DDS libraries. The example runs fine by using command lines, though. The actions that I have carried out are as follows:


1. I have imported the folder "java" containing the code and the ancillary files of the HelloWorld java example, as located in /[home_directory]/OpenSplice/V6.4.14/HDE/x86.linux/examples/dcps/HelloWorld. The imports and the classes used were not recognized in the .java code of the four classes, which is something that I expected at this point.

2. I have created a external tools configuration to run the release.com script that contains all the environment variable paths (Run--> External Tools--> External tools configuration). The imports were still unrecognized.

3. Imported the folder lib into the project. Still unrecognized.

4. Refreshed, just in case. No different result.


I am attaching a screenshot for further information. Is there anything I can do to have the examples running in Eclipse?


Kind regards!


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