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Akhil Chandra

Data Types for IDL files

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I am using Community edition Opensplice DDS. I have gone through the documentation regarding the data types that DDS support. (IDL file).


Doesn't DDS support usigned int ? If not can I use usigned long? I have read some articles that it is implementation dependent. 


For example, under Windows they are the same, but for example on Alpha systems a long was 64 bits whereas an int was 32 bits.


In this case I am using Lubuntu 32-bit on a Windows 7 64-bit host. 




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In IDL file , the type "long" is "int" in C code and the type "long long" is "long" in C code .


See http://download.prismtech.com/docs/Vortex/html/ospl/IDLPreProcGuide/keys.html#supported-types-for-keys


So the question "Doesn't DDS support usigned int ?" , I think yes .  (unsigned long in IDL)


I think you should install 32-bit version DDS in Windows 7 64-bit and use 32-bit compiler , if you want use DDS in 32-bit system . 


Or you will see something like if your program transfers int64  to int32 , it will lost something .

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