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Akhil Chandra

Declaration of new data types to use in a topic

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const char * fw_ChatMessage_metaDescriptor[] INITIALIZE( {"<MetaData version=\"1.0.0\"><Module name=\"Chat\"><Struct name=\"ChatMessage\"><Member name=\"userID\">",
"<Long/></Member><Member name=\"index\"><Long/></Member><Member name=\"content\"><String/></Member></Struct>",


I am trying to create my own structure, which consists of different data types

What if I have created a new structure and now to use it

How do I write in here in the above code?




Akhil Chandra Maganti

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You should write your struct in .idl file and use idlpp to generate the .c/.cpp and header file in OpenSplice .


You don't need to write .c/.cpp or header yourself .

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