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dataWriter listener

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static void cb (void *listener_data,
                DDS_DataWriter writer,
                const DDS_PublicationMatchedStatus *status)
   printf("i am in the publication matched callback\n");

static void ll (void *listener_data,
                DDS_DataWriter writer,
                const DDS_LivelinessLostStatus *status)
   printf("i am in the liveleness lost callback\n");





// Create the Publisher's in the DDS Domain.
   message_Publisher = createPublisher(domainParticipant);

   // Request a Writer from the the Publisher.
   message_DataWriter = createDataWriter(message_Publisher, messageTopic);

  /* Allocate the DataReaderListener interface. */
    msgListener = DDS_DataWriterListener__alloc();
    checkHandle(msgListener, "DDS_DataWriterListener__alloc");

    /* Fill the listener_data with pointers to all entities needed by the Listener implementation. */
    msgListener->listener_data = 0;

    /* Assign the function pointer attributes to their implementation functions. */
    msgListener->on_publication_matched = cb;
    msgListener->on_offered_deadline_missed = 0;
    msgListener->on_offered_incompatible_qos = 0;
    msgListener->on_liveliness_lost = ll;

    /* Attach the DataReaderListener to the DataReader, only enabling the data_available event. */
    int status = DDS_DataWriter_set_listener(message_DataWriter, msgListener, DDS_PUBLICATION_MATCHED_STATUS );
    checkStatus(status, "DDS_DataWriter_set_listener");


Above is the code I added to the helloworld example.  Plus made both the sender and reciever run forever.


I run the publisher task and the subscriber task.  The callback is called one time.  As expected. 

I ctrl-c the subscriber task, and I get another DDS_PUBLICATION_MATCHED_STATUS callback.


My expectation is I would recieve DDS_LIVELENESS_LOSS callback.  I have used each constant in the set_listener function, and the two or'd together.


The only callback I recieve is DDS_PUBLICATION_MATCHED_STATUS, and I get one when the subscriber starts and another when it exits.


What am I doing wrong ?




bud davis




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Allow me to answer  my own question.


along with the callback comes some status:






which makes it obvious why you get a call on a subscribe and a call on the un-subscribe.

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