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XML schema for QoS configuration

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Is there an example of QosProvider useage? The documentation is sparse and I do not see any example xml configuration files.


I attempted to use the QosProvider in C#, but I get an exception "Unable to load DLL 'ddsqosprovider' - I am using OSS version 6.4.140407, and there is no ddsqosprovider.dll in the install tree.


I am attempting to port some Java/RTI DDS code to C#/OpenSplice and the Java code makes heavy use of RTI's Qos profiles (which look very similar to the CCM profiles).




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I apologize in advance for reviving such an old thread.


I am having the same problem as Mark when trying to use the QosProvider in C# with the 6.4 community version. I have scoured the install directory that is provided when downloading OpenSplice, and I have compiled from source, but I can't find the ddsqosprovider.dll anywhere. QosProvider.cs exists in src\api\dcps\sacs\code\DDS, but that CS project is only producing the dcpssacsAssembly, and not ddsqosprovider.dll

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