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Subscriber QoS Policy

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Hello All,


Please help me configure QoS to implement the following,


I am having one publisher and many subscribers, from the subscriber side i want to receive the same content only one time.


That is,


publisher publishing content1,content2


Subscriber receiving content1,content2 and it will end.


Again publisher publishing content3


Normally subscriber again starts receiving from content1,content2,content3


I want to configure subscriber who are all receiving the contents they should not be receiving the same content next time,


that is from above example, the subscriber should be receive content3 alone in second run.


How to configure the QoS to achieve this ??




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Hi Viswa,


What you want is the default-behavior w.r.t. durability i.e. 'volatile' so you don't need to configure anything special.


The case you're describing where a restarted subscriber would get the 'old' content1/content2 again ONLY applies to non-volatile data (i.e. transient_local, transient or persistent durability QoS).



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Hi Hans,


Thanks for the reply,


I have configured the transient_local to achive the same but not working, following is my QoS sample code.


Topic QoS


  	 topicQos.value.reliability.kind = ReliabilityQosPolicyKind.RELIABLE_RELIABILITY_QOS;
	topicQos.value.durability.kind = DurabilityQosPolicyKind.TRANSIENT_LOCAL_DURABILITY_QOS;
	status = participant.set_default_topic_qos(topicQos.value);
  	 topic = participant.create_topic(topicName, typeName, topicQos.value,null, ANY_STATUS.value);


Publisher and Subscriber i left it default QoS.



Data Writer QoS



    publisher.copy_from_topic_qos(wQoS, topicQos.value);
    wQoS.value.writer_data_lifecycle.autodispose_unregistered_instances = false;
  	 writer = publisher.create_datawriter(topic, wQoS.value, null,ANY_STATUS.value);


Data Reader QoS


	subscriber.copy_from_topic_qos(rQoS, topicQos.value);
	reader = subscriber.create_datareader(topic, rQoS.value, null, ANY_STATUS.value);


Please suggest me to achive the scenario.





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