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Robert Feider

DDS C++ API 2010

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I am very new to DDS and I am experiencing some confusion over C++ API versions. In particular there are a number of training slides/webinar videos that discuss the C++ API 2010 and this API seems different to me than the API in the documentation (V6.1) on prismtech.com website. Is the C++ API 6.1 the "old" API and the SimD project is the "new" 2010 C++ API. Is the new API not supported by Prismtech yet?


Thanks for your help,


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Hello Robert,


What is commonly referred as the C++ API 2010 or at times DDS-PSM-Cxx is the new C++ API for the DDS standard. We have an alpha implementation of this new standard available at https://github.com/kydos/simd-cxx and it's parent project and major contributor of the actual standard available at: http://code.google.com/p/simd-cxx/






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