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Security featue is not available issue

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Hello All,


Security featue is not available issue.




Report : WARNING

Date : Thu Jun 14 16:03:16 2012

Description : Security feature not available, configured security profile 'testing' will not take effect on global partition

Node : viswa-co

Process : networking <16555>

Thread : main thread 7fb9d32ba700

Internals : V5.5.1OSS/networking: initializing network/nw_controller.c/730/0/337891172


is it possible to configure security in the community version 5.5 ??


otherwise please guide me configure opensplice in secure layer (TLS/SSL) ...



Here is my configuration :


<NetworkService name="networking">

<Security enabled="true">

<SecurityProfile Name="testing" Cipher="aes128" CipherKey="http://localip/CipherKey.key" />



<GlobalPartition Address="broadcast" SecurityProfile="testing"/>



<Channel enabled="true" name="default" default="true">










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Secure networking isn't part of the community edition. You can download a trial-edition of our commercially supported V6 edition that includes secure-networking.

Please note that also the core of V6 is open-source, only add-on's such as secure-networking and/or tools are not open-source.

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