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How to configure ssl with OpenSpliceDDS

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Hi All,


I like to configure the OpenSpliceDDS as following. Please find the image for clear understanding.


I have to configure the centralized OpenSpliceDDS. It will send and receive all data from global. In the centralized dds server only 443 port will be opened.


How to configure the OpenSpliceDDS with port 443 (secure layer) ??


Client machines have the local OpenSpliceDDS. the local OpenSpliceDDS should be responsible sending local data to the centralized OpenSpliceDDS with secure layer (443).


How to configure with client side ??




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We introduced the "OpenSplice Gateway" with version 6 which can provide secure/TCP connections between DDS clusters (or between a DDS-cluster and over 80 other middleware technologies), just checkout our website and/or download a V6.1 trial edition to play with it.

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