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Missing stropts.h

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I am trying to build the Corba C++ examples but the builds fail because Fedora 15 does not have a stropts.h file. Each of the Corba C++ examples attempted to include this file through TAO/include/ace/os_include/os_stropts.h. According to RedHat bugzilla:


That's on purpose. Linux doesn't support STREAMS (many years ago it was

available as a third party module, but it hasn't worked for years).

stropts.h is part of a POSIX XSR option, which Linux now, matching reality, says

it is not supported.


Is there a work around for this?



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Hi Mark, the version of TAO up on the website there doesn't support Fedora 15. It is only supported in later versions.


You could have a try at adding a compiler define of ACE_LACKS_STROPTS_H when building the example but, as I'm guessing you're not recompiling TAO up from scratch but are trying to use the binaries from the site, I suspect (although this is only a guess) this might possibly only be the start of your compatibility problems.


We can provide supported updated versions of TAO (and corresponding builds of OpenSplice) for commercial customers - if you're interested in that let me know - but otherwise, if you need CORBA cohabitation your best route is maybe go get a latest TAO from here http://download.dre.vanderbilt.edu/ and try working with that by building OpenSplice up against it.

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I'm not sure about Fedora case, but I've managed to handle the situation with Centos with compat-glibc-headers and setting global include path (C_INCLUDE_PATH and CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH)

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