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DataReader Bloating

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I noticed that SIMD seriously "bloats" the size of the application. I have a simple class that instantiated several dds::DataReader (approx. 20) where each data-reader is associated with a different topic. When I compile my class it generates an OBJ file that is > 350MB which takes forever to create! I decide to investigate why this is occuring and I found that the root cause is boost::signals2. In essence, each dds::DataReader instance creates 7 boost::signals2 instances stored in a boost::tuple<> - one for each event (like dds::on_data_available). See simd-cxx-v0.10\src\dds\peer\reader_impl.hpp. If I comment out all references to boost:signals2, then OBJ file drops to 7MB. That's 50 times smaller!!!


That being said, I would strongly suggest replacing boost::signals2 by a custom callback implementation.


Compiler: VS2005.



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