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Found 1 result

  1. Sthutdown hook

    Hi all, I am using the OpenSplice community edition 6.4.14 I am encountering two problems Related to volatile data: I have a dataWriter always writing volatile instances on a topic marked as persistent, and also the Durabiity QoS of the dataReader is volatile. The problem is that as soon as the class in charge of creating and run the dataReader is stopped, and restarted again, some historical data (that were marked as volatile) is received, whereas it should not. I also tried different combination of Durability QoS, but the result did not change. Any hint ? The second problem is to the usage of shutdownHook: in few words, this don't work with OpenSplice as soon as a domain connection is established (right after creating a participant). The ^C event is not caught and so I cannot, eventually, release any resources. Has anyone ever encountered such a problem ? If something is not clear, do no hesitate to ask, Cheers, G.