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Found 5 results

  1. Alejandro

    idlpp with crosscompile

    Hello, I'm trying to crosscompile with idlpp. I'm not able to do it because It's always finding the linking library in /lib/ld-linux-armhf.so.3. is there any chance to change this path? my sysroot in /raspbian_root, so I expect to have something like /raspbian_root/lib/ld-linux-armhf.so.3 Thanks you.
  2. Using: VortexOpenSplice-6.7.170912OSS-HDE-x86_64.win-vs2015 I've run across an error where it looks like idlpp is generating some non-compiling C# code if the IDL has a sequence of enum values in it. E.g if you tweak the HelloWorld.idl as seen below the generated C# source will no longer compile: module HelloWorldData { enum T_WorldType { L_WorldType_Flat, L_WorldType_Round, L_WorldType_Unknown }; typedef sequence <T_WorldType> T_ListOfWorldTypes; struct Msg { long userID; string message; T_ListOfWorldTypes A_supportedWorldTypes; }; #pragma keylist Msg userID }; To reproduce do the following: Swap out the IDL in the HelloWorld with the attached IDL Compile it using: idlpp -l cs -S HelloWorldData.idl Replace the generated .cs files in examples\dcps\HelloWorld\cs\standalone with the newly generated files Compile the the sacs_helloworld_pub project and you'll see the following error: CS7036 There is no argument given that corresponds to the required formal parameter 'offset' of 'BaseMarshaler.ReadInt32(IntPtr, int)' The generated code is missing the first argument to the ReadInt32 call: to.A_supportedWorldTypes[i0] = (HelloWorldData.T_WorldType) ReadInt32(attr2Seq0Buf); Note that the generated .cpp code compiles fine, it's just the C# that doesn't seem to be working correctly. Any ideas? Thank you very much. HelloWorldData.idl
  3. bonjefir

    Using #include in IDL files

    Hi I've written an IDL file, "myIDL.idl" , as shown below: module IDL_Request { struct payload { octet ID; };// end of struct #pragma keylist payload };// end of module Now, for some reason, I want to add the following header file, "enum.h", ... enum myEnums { L1, L2, L3 }; within this IDL. So I modified the IDL file like below: #include "enum.h" module IDL_Request { struct payload { octet ID; myEnums me; };// end of struct #pragma keylist payload };// end of module After executing idlpp command, I faced the following compile error: "error: enumSplDcps.h: No such file or directory". What should I do for solving this problem? Thanks in advance for your help Bonjefir
  4. gidi_gal@persistent.co.in

    idlpp and paths

    Hello to the forum members, I am trying to generate code from an IDL file which is not in my current directory and has an include statement to another IDL file. Here is my folder hierarchy: L:\temp\idlTests\ospl\folderTest - test.idl L:\temp\idlTests\ospl\folderTest\X\P - test1.idl These files are attached in this hierarchy as well. test.idl has include statement to test1.idl with relative path to L:\temp\idlTests\ospl (#include "folderTest\X\P\test1.idl") I am trying to generate IDL as follows: L:\temp\idlTests\ospl>idlpp -l c++ -S folderTest\test.idl "folderTest\test.idl", line 2: can't find include file folderTest\X\P\test1.idl ***DDS parse error TestLong undefined at line: 4 So, I try to set the current path as -I argument: L:\temp\idlTests\ospl>idlpp -l c++ -I . -S folderTest\test.idl "testDcps.idl", line 7: can't find include file test.idl I tried to change inverted commas with "<" ">" characters and I get the same result. This scenario is important to me, because I am trying to build make file that generates code from IDL and also build additional source files in the folder L:\temp\idlTests\ospl\folderTest. Thoughts\ideas\comments will be most appreciated. Thanks, Gidi
  5. Hi ! I'm pretty new to using OpenSplice and I've been in difficulties for quite a long time ... I've solved some, I still got two problems ... and there's one for which I'd reallly love some help because I'm quite lost ... I'm trying to execute the PingPong exemple from OpenSplice. So here's what happens : --------------------------------------------------------------- In [PingPong Folder] : "sudo make" Compiling pingpong.idl with SPLICE IDL Compiler [...] make: /bin/idlpp: Command not found make: *** [bld/pingpong.cpp] Error 127 --------------------------------------------------------------- I thought I had problems with my environment variables in /etc/bash.bashrc , but I've checked multiple time, they seem good ! Here they are : --------------------------------------------------------------- # OSPL OSPL_HOME="/home/xaltar/PrismTech/HDE/x86.linux2.6" OSPL_TARGET=x86.linux2.6 PATH=$OSPL_HOME/bin:$PATH LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$OSPL_HOME/[/font][font=arial]lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH CPATH=$OSPL_HOME/include:$[/font][font=arial]OSPL_HOME/include/sys:$CPATH OSPL_TMPL_PATH=$OSPL_HOME/etc/[/font][font=arial]idlpp OSPL_URI=file://$OSPL_HOME/[/font][font=arial]etc/config/ospl.xml CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:$OSPL_[/font][font=arial]HOME/jar/dcpssaj.jar export OSPL_HOME OSPL_TARGET PATH LD_LIBRARY_PATH CPATH OSPL_TMPL_PATH OSPL_URI CLASSPATH --------------------------------------------------------------- Well, if you happen to know how I could make that work, I'd be really grateful ! Thanks !