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Found 4 results

  1. Dear all, I am trying to run the Java examples that are included in the examples folder of OpenSpliceDDS in Eclipse, as it is the IDE that I am most used to. Specifically, I am trying to run the HelloWorld example. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do so because the four classes included are unable to recognize the DDS libraries. The example runs fine by using command lines, though. The actions that I have carried out are as follows: 1. I have imported the folder "java" containing the code and the ancillary files of the HelloWorld java example, as located in /[home_directory]/OpenSplice/V6.4.14/HDE/x86.linux/examples/dcps/HelloWorld. The imports and the classes used were not recognized in the .java code of the four classes, which is something that I expected at this point. 2. I have created a external tools configuration to run the release.com script that contains all the environment variable paths (Run--> External Tools--> External tools configuration). The imports were still unrecognized. 3. Imported the folder lib into the project. Still unrecognized. 4. Refreshed, just in case. No different result. I am attaching a screenshot for further information. Is there anything I can do to have the examples running in Eclipse? Kind regards!
  2. Hello, Recently I downloaded DDS Community Edition Version and I tried to start examples. But what happened is that some examples like PingPong and Helloworld work perfectly, and for the others I get error messages. Tutorial: ./MessageBoard Error in DDS::Topic::get_qos: DDS_RETCODE_BAD_PARAMETER While Chatter and UserLoad start normally WaitSet: ./sacpp_waitset_pub Segmentation fault (core dumped) Subscriber starts and then shows WaitSet timeout Listener: ./sacpp_listener_pub Error connnecting Subscriber is ready QueryCondition: ./sacpp_querycondition_sub *** [QueryConditionDataQuerySubscriber] Query string not specified *** usage : QueryConditionDataQuerySubscriber <query_string> Publisher sends all messages and at the end writes Market Closed Lifecycle: ./sacpp_lifecycle_pub argc=1 *** ERROR *** usage : LifecyclePublisher <autodispose_flag> <writer_action> *** . autodispose_flag = false | true *** . dispose | unregister | stoppub ./sacpp_lifecycle_sub === [subscriber] Ready ... === [subscriber] stopping after 100 iterations - closed=0 Durability: ./sacpp_durability_pub *** ERROR *** usage : DurabilityDataPublisher <durability_kind> <autodispose_flag> <automatic_flag> *** . durability_kind = transient | persistent *** . autodispose_flag = false | true *** . automatic_flag = false | true ./sacpp_durability_sub *** ERROR *** usage : DurabilityDataSubscriber <durability_kind> *** . durability_kind = transient | persistent RoundTrip: ./ping # payloadSize: 0 | numSamples: 0 | timeOut: 0 ./ping: symbol lookup error: .../examples/dcps/RoundTrip/cpp/libSA_Cxx_RoundTrip_Impl.so: undefined symbol: os_timeGetElapsed If anyone came accross same problem or knows what I'm missing, please help. Mananon
  3. I am trying to make OpenSplice work on two machines. I wanted to try Pingpong example but it was not successful so far. First I was using ospl_shmem_ddsi.xml file for $OSPL_URI, but I realized that maybe ospl_shmem_nativeRT.xml could be the right choice. When I start ospllauncher I can see both machines listed under Nodes list, what was not the case with the ospl_shmem_ddsi file. I didn't make any changes in nativeRT file so I wonder if that is a mistake. On one computer I use ./pong PongRead PongWrite, and on the other ./ping 100 100 f PongRead PongWrite command and I get a message: Starting ping example PING: TIMEOUT - message lost If you have any advice, please help.
  4. JoãoMSM

    OpenSplice Streams example

    Hi all, I trying to execute the streams example, from the OpenSplice Enterprise Evaluation, running accross the network but I am having some issues that I am not aware how to solve. In the nutshell the StreamWriter flush the data but the StreamReader outputs messages when trying to read from the stream, such as: 'Received NO_DATA while trying to read from stream 0 (attempt 1/2) Received NO_DATA while trying to read from stream 0 (attempt 2/2) Failed to read any samples' The arguments that I am using are: ./StreamReader --verbose --length=100000 --retry=1 ./StreamWriter --verbose --total=10000000 --max-samples=100000 --size=20 --randomize Both the StreamWriter and StreamReader are logging warning messages to ospl-info.log file, regarding the socket receive buffer size, that can be the reason why the StreamReader cannot read the samples. I have attached the log files to this post. I you know what is happening please let me know. Thanks in advance, João. ospl-info.tar.gz