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Found 3 results

  1. bonjefir

    implementation of DDS in a class

    Hi It would be very appreciated if someone could give me a very simple example with a main function and a class which declaration and implementation of the class are separated (in ISO CPP). Thanks in advance for your helps.
  2. Hi, I downloaded OpenSplice community: OpenSplice HDE Release V6.4.140407OSS For x86_64.linux, Date 2014-04-15 I was able to compile all examples and run most of them. Except for one: NetworkPartition. If I run the ./MessageBoard and ./Chatter app (as normal user) in the ..../HDE/x86_64.linux/examples/dcps/NetworkPartitions/cpp/standalone directory with OSPL_URI set to the default (when you source the release.com file): ....HDE/x86_64.linux/etc/config/ospl.xml. The application works as intended (for one MessageBoard and one Chatter application) If however I change the OSPL_URI to either: ..../HDE/x86_64.linux/examples/dcps/NetworkPartitions/etc/network1.xml .../HDE/x86_64.linux/examples/dcps/NetworkPartitions/etc/ddsie1.xml The MessageBoard app throws an error and the messages of the Chatter app are not delivered. The MessageBoard error is: ======================================================================================== Report : ERROR Date : Tue Nov 25 12:30:36 PST 2014 Description : dlopen error: ddsi2e: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Node : test1 Process : MessageBoard <4325> Thread : spliced 7f6c88fd7700 Internals : V6.4.140407OSS/3b83e82/3b83e82/os_libraryOpen/os_library.c/70/0/1416947436.087337021 ======================================================================================== Report : ERROR Date : Tue Nov 25 12:30:36 PST 2014 Description : Problem opening 'ddsi2e' Node : test1 Process : MessageBoard <4325> Thread : spliced 7f6c88fd7700 Internals : V6.4.140407OSS/3b83e82/3b83e82/OpenSplice domain service/spliced.c/621/0/1416947436.087406186 Do I miss some libraries or is this a permission issue or network issue? If I run MessageBoard in sudo mode I get the error: Error in DDS::DomainParticipantFactory::create_participant: Creation failed: invalid handle John
  3. I am interested in using the Deadling QOS on the Data Reader side to alert me when a specific topic instance violates the deadline contract. I have been able to get a listener working with a deadline qos, and am correctly alerted when a deadline is missed. However, I am unable to determine which instance violated the contract. Does OpenSplice have a method to do this? Or does anyone know a way around it? Alternatively, is there a way to set the Data Writer to change the InstanceStateKind from ALIVE_INSTANCE_STATE to NOT_ALIVE_NO_WRITERS_INSTANCE_STATE when the Deadline contract is violated? I was hoping to use virtual void on_requested_deadline_missed(DDS::DataReader_ptr reader, const DDS::RequestedDeadlineMissedStatus &status); in order to change the value of that field, but am not sure how to do so if I do not receive a handle to the specific instance.