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Found 3 results

  1. Using: VortexOpenSplice-6.7.170912OSS-HDE-x86_64.win-vs2015 I've run across an error where it looks like idlpp is generating some non-compiling C# code if the IDL has a sequence of enum values in it. E.g if you tweak the HelloWorld.idl as seen below the generated C# source will no longer compile: module HelloWorldData { enum T_WorldType { L_WorldType_Flat, L_WorldType_Round, L_WorldType_Unknown }; typedef sequence <T_WorldType> T_ListOfWorldTypes; struct Msg { long userID; string message; T_ListOfWorldTypes A_supportedWorldTypes; }; #pragma keylist Msg userID }; To reproduce do the following: Swap out the IDL in the HelloWorld with the attached IDL Compile it using: idlpp -l cs -S HelloWorldData.idl Replace the generated .cs files in examples\dcps\HelloWorld\cs\standalone with the newly generated files Compile the the sacs_helloworld_pub project and you'll see the following error: CS7036 There is no argument given that corresponds to the required formal parameter 'offset' of 'BaseMarshaler.ReadInt32(IntPtr, int)' The generated code is missing the first argument to the ReadInt32 call: to.A_supportedWorldTypes[i0] = (HelloWorldData.T_WorldType) ReadInt32(attr2Seq0Buf); Note that the generated .cpp code compiles fine, it's just the C# that doesn't seem to be working correctly. Any ideas? Thank you very much. HelloWorldData.idl
  2. campbke

    Assign Values for Enums?

    Sorry if this is a repeat question but I couldn't find it by searching "enum" in the forums. Is it possible to define values for enums in the IDL? I saw a post from 2010 which said it was not possible at the time, but since it has been 7 years I thought that may have changed. We have a large project with a lot of existing IDL that defines values for enums. This works just fine with our current DDS solution but I am looking at transitioning to OpenSplice. When I run the idlpp on a simple enum it throws an error as soon as I attempt to assign a value. Non-valued enums work just fine. If it does not currently support this, is there a standard way of working around this? Thanks
  3. bonjefir

    Using #include in IDL files

    Hi I've written an IDL file, "myIDL.idl" , as shown below: module IDL_Request { struct payload { octet ID; };// end of struct #pragma keylist payload };// end of module Now, for some reason, I want to add the following header file, "enum.h", ... enum myEnums { L1, L2, L3 }; within this IDL. So I modified the IDL file like below: #include "enum.h" module IDL_Request { struct payload { octet ID; myEnums me; };// end of struct #pragma keylist payload };// end of module After executing idlpp command, I faced the following compile error: "error: enumSplDcps.h: No such file or directory". What should I do for solving this problem? Thanks in advance for your help Bonjefir