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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, I am using the 6.7.1 community version, and I use TCP protocol, because I have two publishers run in the same PC, so I have to set the <Port> element to "0" to dynamically allocate ports, but I don't know how to configure the subscriber application to discovery the publishers and build connections(run in other PCs). My publisher configuration(IP: <DDSI2Service name="ddsi2"> ... <TCP> <Enable>true</Enable> <Port>0</Port> <NoDelay>true</NoDelay> </TCP> and my subscriber configuration: <TCP> <Enable>true</Enable> <NoDelay>true</NoDelay> </TCP> <Discovery> <Peers> <Peer Address=""/> </Peers> </Discovery> but it doesn't work, and I can not subscribe the message from the server, I think the problem should be about how to discovery the port of the publishers. can somebody help me about this? Thanks, Payne
  2. Hello OpenSplice developers and users I am trying to figure out the essential differences in the networking services implemented in OpenSplice. From my initial experience, there are two approaches: the rt-networking service, which is propietary and non-interoperable with other DDS implementations; and the DDSI2 service, which is the implementation of the OMG DDSI 2.1 specification. With the rt-networking service, I'm able to configure the communication subsystem to preserve the assignment of priorities by defining priority-bands associated to network channels and creating dedicated Tx/Rx threads per each network channel. Furthermore, the priorities of both types of thread are configurable. With the DDSI2 service, I cannot find any configurable element to define priority-bands and to create Tx/Rx threads either. Therefore, how is the threading model (Tx/Rx) of the DDSI2 service? Is it configurable? Finally, I have noticed that several features of the old DDSI service have been removed (e.g., FragmentSize, Channels). Are there any plans to implement these features for the new DDSI2 service? Thanks in advance & best regards, Hector
  3. Title pretty much says it all. I can start OpenSplice and have all the processes running (spliced, durability, networking, ddsi2) and idling. I start my application and about 20 seconds after the ddsi2 process closes. I have checked logs for various levels of logging. Nothing came up in the SEVERE or WARNING levels, and INFO simply stated it was creating a fictitious datareader. The last thing I see in other levels of logs is that it is inside in_fictitiousTransientReaderNew, then DDSI2 exits. Any thoughts as to what would be causing this? I can post log snippets if requested. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks