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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! I would like to use tis post to ask a question: we are planning to use OpenSpliceDDS for the Jetson TX1 embedded system-on-module like the one described in http://elinux.org/Jetson_TX1. This platform has as its most porminent features Ubuntu 14.04.5, Linux For Tegra R24.1, JetPack-L4T-2.2.1. The architecture of this CPU is aarch64. I was wondering if, among the available versions of OpenSpliceDDS (http://www.prismtech.com/dds-community/software-downloads), there is a compatible one with the Jetson TX1 embedded system-on-module. Can anyone confirm this to me? In any case, thnak you very much for reading this post.
  2. Hi, I am trying to test the compatibility between CoreDX from Twin Oaks and OpenSpliceDDSV6.4.140407OSS-HDE. I am trying to run the Helloworld example with a publisher developed with CoreDx and a subscriber developed with OSPL and the other way round. However, the DomainParticipantListener gets an on_inconsistent_topic event and the data is not received. I set the environment variable to: set OSPL_URI=file://%OSPL_HOME%\etc\config\ospl_sp_ddsi.xml But, how can I check that I am really using DDSI? I also set inside the ospl_sp_ddsi.xml: <DDSI2Service name="ddsi2"> <General> <NetworkInterfaceAddress>AUTO</NetworkInterfaceAddress> <AllowMulticast>true</AllowMulticast> <EnableMulticastLoopback>true</EnableMulticastLoopback> <CoexistWithNativeNetworking>false</CoexistWithNativeNetworking> </General> <Compatibility> <!-- see the release notes and/or the OpenSplice configurator on DDSI interoperability --> <ManySocketsMode>true</ManySocketsMode> <StandardsConformance>lax</StandardsConformance> <!-- the following one is necessary only for TwinOaks CoreDX DDS compatibility --> <AckNackNumbitsEmptySet>0</AckNackNumbitsEmptySet> <ExplicitlyPublishQosSetToDefault>true</ExplicitlyPublishQosSetToDefault> </Compatibility> </DDSI2Service> CoreDX ddl file: #ifdef DDS_IDL #define DDS_KEY __dds_key #else #define DDS_KEY #endif struct StringMsg { DDS_KEY long id; string msg; }; OSPL idl file: /** @{*/ /** @file */ module HelloWorldData { struct StringMsg { /** User ID */ long id; /** message */ string msg; }; #pragma keylist StringMsg id }; Could anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance, Sonia