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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, OpenSpliceDDS not connecting (not working) in WAN I am running OpenSpliceDDS in public IP 'x.x.x.x' and i am trying to connect with diffent subnet ip 'x.x.y.y' with following configuration, Note: Both machines having single ethernet so OpenSpliceDDS will take the same Server Side <General> <NetworkInterfaceAddress>AUTO</NetworkInterfaceAddress> <AllowMulticast>true</AllowMulticast> <EnableMulticastLoopback>true</EnableMulticastLoopback> </General> <Partitioning> <GlobalPartition Address="multicast"/> </Partitioning> Client Side <General> <NetworkInterfaceAddress>AUTO</NetworkInterfaceAddress> </General> <Partitioning> <GlobalPartition Address="x.x.x.x"> </Partitioning> <Discovery Scope="*.*" enabled="true"> <PortNr>54120</PortNr> <ProbeList>x.x.x.x</ProbeList> </Discovery> Please help me to resolve the issue. Thanks -Viswa
  2. Stanislaw

    Discovery and reliabilty over WAN

    Hi, I consider DDS as a reliable data exchange mechanism in WAN so I have couple of questions. After reading a lot of stuff (presentations, articles, DDS standard), doing some experiments I am still not convinced that DDS really fits my requirements.The assumed network supports multicast but could be partially prone to degradation, latencies, low bandwidth etc. RTPS specifies two modules: behavior and discovery that are strongly interrelated. The behavior part (reliable/best effort, messages, GUIDS, sequence numbers) looks very well but is tightly dependent on discovery. The reliability will work only if discovery mechanism will work well. The standard defines SPDP and SEDP as a minimum for interoperability, so if am am not wrong Splice implements SPDP and SEDP and all interoperability tests between vendors are based on that??? Or Splice offers other PDP and EDP ( for example for WAN ) and they are interoperable??? Unfortunately SPDP and SEDP seems to be not sufficient for WAN and scalability in WAN. Other issue is interpretation of reliability offered by DDS, is this only reliable mechanism based on ack messages ??? In this kind of systems (pub-sub is group communication) for me reliable means mechanism that support correlation between acknolegments and group/topic participation. For example, I am sending a message to GROUP/topic and do I have the mechanism which tells me that the message were not delivered to a GROUP or even to which participant? Stanislaw