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Found 2 results

  1. jeremy0010112

    Vortex DDS on Raspberry pi

    Hello! I am trying to install Vortex Opensplice DDS on Raspberry pi3. However, I am not sure which version of the Vortex DDS should I use.I think it might be one of the linux version but not quite sure about that. And I want to ask how to install the DDS on the Raspberry pi. Should I download it in my own computer and then move it to the SD card and then use the SD card on the Raspberry pi ,or it should be some other way. Thank you!! Jeremy
  2. Hi, Two questions; 1) Does the new OpenSplice Community v6.4 support Raspberry Pi ? It has been announced that OpenSplice Enterprise v6.4 has support for the Raspberry Pi single board computer running Linux. Also that the new OpenSplice Community v6.4 will be based on the OpenSplice Enterprise v6.4 Edition code base. 2) How can I download either the Community version or an Evaluation Enterprise version and use it directly on the Raspberry Pi? All downloads that I have seen only support the x86 chipset, not the armv6 that is used by the Raspberry Pi. Thanks in advance for any answers, Regards, Marianne.