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Found 5 results

  1. Read Reflections on DDS at Undersea Defense Technology (UDT) a new blog by PrismTech's James Butcher at http://gag.gl/ndV8nx
  2. PrismTech is pleased to announce the releases of a new White Paper detailing how DDS can enable Tactical Edge Networks for the next generation of Intelligent, Mobile and Autonomous Military Systems. The White Paper describes how speedier and optimal battlefield decision-making can be made using new fog computing and tactical cloudlet technologies. http://www.prismtech.com/news/prismtech-releases-DDS-tactical-edge-military-systems-whitepaper
  3. https://www.rtinsights.com/network-centric-warfare-edge-computing-cloudlets-dds/ An IT architecture for network-centric warfare is outlined, consisting of cloudlets, edge computing, and the data distribution service (DDS) standard.
  4. Register at: http://www.prismtech.com/webcast-signup Why Attend: * Learn about Military Tactical Cloudlets, Fog Computing and Edge Computing * Understand how to connect soldiers, unmanned machines, devices and commanders in the field with the intelligence community so speeding decision-making * Discover how the latest innovations in the Data Distribution Service (DDS) are ideally suited for the Department of Defense's next generation Offset strategy Abstract: The Department of Defense's next generation "Third Offset" Initiative will target promising technology areas, including robotics, autonomous systems, miniaturization, and big data, whilst also seeking to improve the military's collaboration with innovative private sector enterprises. The latest innovations in real-time data-centric network edge computing based on the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard will be key to delivering on some of these priorities. Whilst Cloud Computing carries data back to a central server for storage and analysis with resultant issues in bandwidth capacity, connectivity and latency common to hostile environments; new Fog Computing and Tactical Cloudlet technologies enable real-time analytics and other functions to be performed at the tactical edge of a network, right at the data source – for example soldiers on the battlefield. This will help enable smart autonomous systems to send, receive and process information when and where it is needed, so ensuring speedier and optimal mission-critical decision making. Tactical Cloudlets, Fog and Edge Computing will impact the way that the defense community builds the next generation of C4SIR and related military simulation systems, discover how and why. Join PrismTech's experts for this informative Webcast to learn about the challenges and what innovative new DDS-based technological solutions are available to address them. PrismTech's Vortex is a proven DDS standards-based technology for efficient, ubiquitous, interoperable, secure and platform independent data sharing across network connected devices. In this Webcast we will explain how Vortex naturally fits with the Fog Computing and Tactical Cloudlet paradigm and is the only fog-ready data-sharing infrastructure capable of meeting the needs of defense and aerospace companies - connecting soldiers, unmanned machines, devices and commanders in the field with the intelligence community, and speeding decision-making.
  5. Thales has selected PrismTech’s Vortex™ OpenSplice™ as the data-sharing platform for the sighting systems implemented in the AJAX fleet of armored vehicles, which is being delivered to the British Army by General Dynamics Land Systems-UK. Thales is the supplier of sighting systems and ancillary equipment for the AJAX fleet. The UK MOD’s Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) Standard mandates that such vehicles adhere to the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard for their data communication protocol. Vortex OpenSplice is based on DDS and will enable high-level communications and interoperability between the vehicles’ advanced onboard systems. “Vortex provides an extremely cost-effective solution,” said Steve Jennis, PrismTech’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Development. “We’re pleased to be working with Thales on such ground-breaking work. Vortex will be making a significant contribution to the performance of these vehicles.” Vortex OpenSplice provides device-to-device data sharing in real time – secure, reliable delivery of voluminous data. Vortex is a comprehensive and intelligent data-sharing platform for highly distributed real-time systems such as those found in aerospace and defense. “The Thales Sights and associated image processing units are part of a real-time network that communicates via DDS,” said David Low, Head of Land Optronics UK for Thales. “Vortex OpenSplice provides the dependable communication means in this complex environment enabling the full power of the Thales subsystems to be realised.” AJAX is an agile, highly adaptable fighting and reconnaissance vehicle for the British Army. Thales is supplying 245 vehicle sets of sights during the five-year program. “All the complexity built into these vehicles calls for a solution that will integrate the various systems smoothly and seamlessly,” Jennis said. “When troops are in the field and their lives depend on systems communicating with one another, reliability, accuracy and real-time performance are essential and that’s what Vortex OpenSplice delivers.” Further information about Vortex is available from PrismTech’s website at: http://www.prismtech.com/vortex.