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  1. Ant

    Problems building on Windows 7

    Good to hear, if you have any more issues let us know.
  2. Ant

    Problems building on Windows 7

    Hi DallasZimmer, I'm unsure if we've tested on VS 2012, we recommend using VS 2010. There's a full list of the requirements on our building page as well as some known issues you may encounter while building the ISOCPP examples. There is a documented issue in there which is solved by unsetting some variables within Cygwin due to a clash, it isn't the exact issue you're seeing, but worth unsetting those if you haven't already. The full guide is here: http://www.prismtech.com/opensplice/opensplice-dds-community/building
  3. Ant

    opensplice can't start

    Hi Mohammed, You will need to ensure that your license file is placed within the etc directory. Ant
  4. Ant

    making a simple chat application using openspilce

    We already have a similar example, take a look at Chatter and Messageboard.
  5. Ant

    Evaluation version 6.1 linux - X509 xml tag

    Hi, Thanks for reporting this, we have fixed this and it will be implemented into a later release. Ant