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    Using an IDE to develop OpenSplice DDS applications

    Francois, It's very easy to do: - right click on your project and select 'Run As' then select 'run configurations' from the context menu - click the '+' tab on the top left of the left hand side splitter window to bring up the new configuration screen (in the right side splitter window) - Put the name you want at the top, then on the main tab browse to the binary exec you want to launch...from the bin dir in opensplice....ospl for example... - Add any arguments you want included in the Arguments edit box.....stop or start....for example. - I'm going from memory here, but I believe there is an environment tabl where you can select the Opensplice variables as well. If so, select all the OSPL variables from the release.com file included with opensplice. - Next, go to the common tab and check the Debug and Run checkboxes in the 'Display in favorites' menu, then click apply. You should now see your new configuration name in both the drop down debug and and run (circled right arrow) icons on the main eclipse screen toolbar. There are other things you can do such as combining configurations into a group launch but these are the basics. Lots of other choices. As I said, I'm going off memory so if I left something out or you have any problems, let me know. I set up configs to start, stop opensplice, run the pp, run my projects and it works fine. tim
  2. twells5

    SimD binaries

    Hi All, After trying for hours to follow the instructions and build simD from source for Linux Centos 5.5, and with no success, I thought I would ask if there may just be some prebuilt binaries available. I am running into a ton of version issues between boost, cmake, and what simd needs to build, even though all the versions and my compiler version meet or exceed the requirements in the simd readme and install docs. Each time I solve one issue, another comes along. It is becoming painful and very time consuming...and just shouldn't be this crazy! So if anybody could point me to some binaries for simD I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance, tim
  3. twells5

    Using an IDE to develop OpenSplice DDS applications

    Thanks Francois...I followed your suggestions and it works perfectly. The only other things I did was to create an external call to start/stop opensplice and to run idlpp from the ide, and added them to the favorites selections. tim
  4. twells5

    Using an IDE to develop OpenSplice DDS applications

    Francos, I'm not quite there yet but will eventually be using the eclipse ide for development. I would appreciate it if you could share what you have learned about developing with OpenSplice on eclipse. Thank you, tim