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  1. I am having issues where data is only being sent if writer are being kept alive for unknown periods of time e.g. the following does not work. { Data data; dds::pub::DataWriter<Data> writer = ... create the writer ... writer << data; } If the writer is let to persist for longer then the data is sent but in the case where the writer is destroyed "shortly" after the data is written no data is sent. Is that expected behavior or a bug. I would expect any data to be sent independent of when the writer is destructed. Thanks, Harald
  2. I just started working with the OpenSplice Community edition, while things are running fine when executing normally. Creating a domain participant fails when running under the debugger. We usually build using ReleaseWithDebugSymbols. This is the first time I have seen this kind of difference in behavior. What causes this ? Not being able to use the debugger puts quite a damper on things. This is with the latest version of the community edition (64bit binary download), VS2017, Windows 7 Thank you, Harry