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    Error Creating Domain Participant

    I found part of my problem was not setting these environment settings properly. Now I get different errors in the log but the previous errors are gone. OSPL_URI OSPL_HOME
  2. I'm using single process model and getting an error simply trying to create a doman participant with sample code from the tutorial. My log file is reporting this at the top (See below). What does this mean? I have the environment variable OSPL_URI set to the ospl.xml file that has SingelProcess=true. These are the first 2 errors in the log? Not sure why second error is mentioning sharedMemorAttach since the XML is configured for the single process model? Report : ERROR Date : Thu Dec 10 17:00:52 Eastern Standard Time 2015 Description : os_findNameById: Could not find any key file: C:\Users\ERIC~1.QUI\AppData\Local\Temp\osp*.tmp followed by: Report : ERROR Date : Thu Dec 10 16:49:38 Eastern Standard Time 2015 Description : os_sharedMemoryAttach failed Thanks for any help you can provide