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    Join and leave a Topic in Opensplice ISOCPP

    I have found. In order to turn off the publisher datawriter I have to destroy the object with: my_dw = dds::pub::DataWriter<DATA::MY_DATA>(dds::core::null); Massimo.
  2. Hi, following the examples of the Tutorial fo isocpp I create a publisher and a writer in this way: dds::pub::qos::PublisherQos pubQos = dp.default_publisher_qos() << dds::core::policy::Partition(partition_name); dds::pub::Publisher pub(dp, pubQos); dds::pub::qos::DataWriterQos dwqos = topicQos; dwqos << dds::core::policy::WriterDataLifecycle::ManuallyDisposeUnregisteredInstances(); dds::topic::Topic<DATA::MY_DATA> my_topic(dp, "DATA_MY_DATA", topicQos); my_dw = dds::pub::DataWriter<DATA::MY_DATA>(pub, my_topic, dwqos); As soon as I create the DataWriter my_dw, the liveliness on the subscriber changes reflecting the presence of a new publisher. How can my publisher leave and re-join a topic without destroy the c++ object? Massimo.