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  1. Hi Luca Could you find a solution for the problem? Cheers Raphael
  2. Hi, there Unfortunately the problem is not solved yet. Since we want to get productive with the affected application soon, the issue has become more important again. Can anyone give me some hints on how to investigate this further? Thank you regards Raphael
  3. Thank you for your replies I'm using V6.3.1. We built another abstraction layer on top of OpenSplice DDS, so it's not straight forward to post thousands of lines of code. ATM unfortunately I dont have the time to come up with a minimal example that shows the unexpected behavior. I don't know if a re-create of the writer would do the job, as I didn't try yet. I decided for another workaround. i.e. using SharedOwnershipQos instead of ExclusiveOwnershipQos. This is a better approach to me, since its less error-prone. Either way I have to handle Ownership Issues by myself, as I must assign an Owner according to some Business-rules. Thanks Regards
  4. Hi I have an Issue with the OwnershipStrength QoS. The reader/writer and topic OwnershipQosPolicyKind is set to ExclusiveOwnershipQos. When I run 3 test Applications, 2xWriters (say A and B ) and 1xReader. The reader sees only the samples written from writer A. This is the expected behavior, as both writers have a OwnershipStrength of 0 as default. Now I change OwnershipStrength of writer B to e.g. 100. Now I expect, that writer B is the Owner and therefore the reader should see the samples written from this writer. But thats not the case. The reader still sees only the samples from the first writer (in this case A). The only thing I really do is change the OwnershipStrength of the writer I like to set as owner: public void SetWriterOwnershipStrength(int value) { DataWriterQos writerQos = new DataWriterQos(); ErrorHandler.CheckOk(dataWriter.GetQos(ref writerQos)); writerQos.OwnershipStrength.Value = value; ErrorHandler.CheckOk(dataWriter.SetQos(writerQos)); } - Are I'm expecting something wrong, or simply do something wrong? - Any suggestions?
  5. Hi there I was running in some issue and have no idea how to troubleshoot that kind of problem, maybe you can give me some suggestions?! I'am about to include DDS in two existent Applications. Firstly I am concentrating on the Application that is interested in some Info, thus subscribing to a Topic. For simplicity I first wrote a simple Test Application which just writes Samples into the Topic. Then I wrote an App to Read from this Topic. All that works very well. The next step was to "copy" the Reading part into the existent destination Application. Then the following happened. It mostly works "as expected" but after some reads i always run into the "issue", which ist the following: When reading (reader.TakeWithCondition) from the Topic I sometimes get the Error: 'Error in DDS.DomainParticipant.CreateTopic(CurrentTitelStatus_D800_TEST_REF, DabisCommDataTypes::GenericData): Creation failed: invalid handle' If I once get this Error every subsequent reading fails with the same error until I restart the Subscriber-Application. The Publisher-Side doesn't need to be restarted. The funny thing about this is, that when I simultaneously running the simple Test Subscriber-Application, this one can read without problems... The reading Code of the Test App is 1:1 the same. The only difference is, that the real application is more complex, meaning it does other things too, not just reading DDS samples. Im concerned about this error (from ospl-error.log) See full logfiles as attachment. - and have no idea how to troubleshoot this. Have you any suggestions? ======================================================================================== Report : ERROR Date : Thu Feb 19 17:33:41 2015 Description : The splice deamon is no longer running for entity 0x8511760. Unable to continue, a restart of the splice deamon and all applications is required. Node : PC142 Process : DABiS_EA_Debug.exe <4576> Thread : 2636 Internals : V6.3.130716OSS/167f283/167f283/u_entityClaimCommon/u_entity.c/541/0/1424363621.129294751 ======================================================================================== Report : API_INFO Date : Thu Feb 19 17:33:41 2015 Description : DomainParticipant::create_topic : Unspecified error Node : PC142 Process : DABiS_EA_Debug.exe <4576> Thread : 2636 Internals : V6.3.130716OSS/167f283/167f283/DCPS API/gapi_topic.c/128/0/1424363621.129622274 regards Raphael ospl-info.zip ospl-error.zip