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  1. Segmentation fault

    So, after increasing the kernel shared memory size everything seems to be fine now
  2. Segmentation fault

    status = newMsgWS->detach_condition(escape.in()); checkStatus(status, "DDS::WaitSetData::detach_condition (escape)"); status = newMsgWS->detach_condition(newMsg.in()); checkStatus(status, "DDS::WaitSetData::detach_condition (newMsg)"); status = newMsgWS->detach_condition(leftMsgWriter.in()); //DDS_RETCODE_PRECONDITION NOT MET checkStatus(status, "DDS::WaitSetData::detach_condition (leftMsgWriter)"); cout << "=== [Subscriber] Closed" << endl; MsgReader->delete_readcondition(newMsg.in()); mgr.deleteReader(MsgReader.in ()); mgr.deleteSubscriber(); mgr.deleteTopic(); mgr.deleteParticipant(); So the part from mgr.deleteReader seems to be the problem ospl-error.log says Description : Subscriber::delete_datareader contains_loans Description : Unable to delete datareader Description : Detaching process 7579 from kernel failed, because there were threads modifying shared resources (protectCount=3). Description : Process 7519 did not terminate in a normal way forcing exit now, this could be of a possible deadlock
  3. Segmentation fault

    Hi, When tryin wait set example on two computers I get the following error: "Error in DDS::Subscriber::delete_datareader : DDS_RETCODE_PRECONDITION_NOT_MET Segmentation fault (core dumped)" or "Error in `./sacpp_waitset_sub': free(): invalid pointer: 0x00000000009b5f40 *** Aborted (core dumped)" or different versions of the same. Basically it deletes the readcondition but dies when moving on to deleting reader. I have deleted the query condition from the example so I don't know if that has anything to do with it but the code itself should work fine. Any suggestions?
  4. Tutorial C

  5. Tutorial C

    Ok, thank you! And also one other question. Can I call a bash script or run a program from within the DDS script? Lets say I implement a waitset or a listener and on an event it triggers a script or runs another program? And can DDS publisher receive information from the system it is running on and send it to subscriber?
  6. Tutorial C

    But what if I want to make my own application, then I am supposed to make my own makefile right ? How? And besides, I am not talking about the already given examples, I am talking precisely about the example from Tutorial C.pdf in which we are supposed to create a CreateTopics.c file that is supposed to demonstrate connecting to a Domain (in a nutshell, it isn't supposed to output anything, but I get a bunch of errors even though the file is the exact copy of the one in the tutorial, and the previous conditions have also been met).
  7. Tutorial C

    That is the problem, I am not sure on how to generate/write the necessary makefile? So I just tried building the .c code. Any tips/tutorials on creating a make file?
  8. Tutorial C

    No, it's there..
  9. Tutorial C

    Hi, Yes I have, I sourced the release.com, also set up my OSPL_URI(PrismTech/OpenSpliceDDS/V6.4.2/HDE/x86_64.linux/etc/config/ospl_shmem_ddsi.xml) and LD_LIBRARY PATH(PrismTech/OpenSpliceDDS/V6.4.2/HDE/x86_64.linux/lib) Also I have put my example in the examples/dcps subdirectory I actually get the same error when I try to build other examples that are working just fine when I run them?
  10. Tutorial C

    Hi, I have a problem with the CreateTopics.c example in the Tutorial C pdf file. When I try to build it it does not link properly to the libraries, and even when I put explicit paths I get the following error: include/dcps/C/SAC/dds_dcpsSplDcps.h:15:20: fatal error: c_base.h: No such file or directory #include "c_base.h" Am I supposed to generate a makefile somehow? Am I missing that part in the tutorial?