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  1. sukumarpillai

    Filter at topic level or with condition?

    Dear Hans, What happens to the samples which are in the reader cache which does fulfill a query criteria and have not been taken by the application? Does the size of the cache grow? linearly or exponentially? What settings do i need to set so as to discard those samples that do not satisfy the query criteria automatically by the DDS infrastructure?
  2. sukumarpillai

    Runtime changes to Partition QoS

    Hi, Can we change the partition QoS setting during runtime after the Publisher has been created? What samples will be lost/deleted? Do we need to tear down the publisher/subscriber and re-initalize for the changes to effect? Thanks Sukumar
  3. sukumarpillai

    XML schema for QoS configuration

    Hi, Does OpenSplice Community edition V6 support setting of QoS policies using external .xml file? If so, can anyone link a sample/example file ? Thanks Sukumar