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  1. Dear Angelo Corsaro, I am new to DDS (i just started 2 days back). i have built simd-cxx-src-v0.10 and installed OpenSpliceDDSV5.5.1 and boost_1_39 in my system. When i tried to execute your sample code i am getting following errors. This is the code I am using #include <iostream> #include <sstream> #include <iterator> #include <dds/dds.hpp> enum TemperatureScale { CELSIUS, KELVIN, FAHRENHEIT }; struct TempSensorType { short id; float temp; float hum; TemperatureScale scale; }; #pragma keylist TempSensor id int main(int argc, char**argv) { dds::Topic<TempSensorType> tsTopic("TempSensorTopic"); // Create a DataWriter dds::DataWriter<TempSensorType> dw(tsTopic); TempSensorType ts = {1, 26.0F, 70.0F, CELSIUS}; // Write Data dw.write(ts); return 1; } Please can you point what I have done wrong. I am using visual c++ 2008 express edition and my OS is windows 7. Thanks and Regards, Aburik.